Benefit from the local expertise of e4Brokerage combined with the national capabilities of Meyer-Chatfield to improve the performance of your bank.

The partnership of e4Brokerage and Meyer-Chatfield family of companies has a number of solutions designed to help your bank build a stronger balance sheet.

• BOLI plans that bulk up your balance sheet. Learn more.

• Turnkey administrative programs that alleviate your regulatory strain. Learn more.

• Employee retention with innovative compensation strategies that keep your executive team in top form. Learn more.

Combined, this partnership provide banks with well-rounded solutions that include balance sheet maximization, comprehensive benefits solutions, employee retention and incentive programs, plan administration and compliance that help bankers improve performance and drive success.  You’ll benefit from Meyer-Chatfield’s national capabilities combined with e4Brokerage’s in-depth knowledge of the needs of Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota bankers.

Learn more: Designing a Win-Win Deferred Compensation Plan